E Y E L A S H   E X T E N S I O N   F A Q

Eyelash Extension FAQ

What is an Eyelash Extension?

Is a new and totally safe way to enlarge and add thickness to your Natural Lashes without the fake and heavy look of the Band Lashes, and can be worn 24/7. The process involves attaching one-on-one high quality synthetic single fiber or Silk Mink Hair (no harm to the source) to your own lashes for a natural look. There is a variety of thickness and lengths that applied by the right professional, will enhance and give your Lashes a fuller and longer look catered to your personality and lifestyle. They are the latest Beauty Craze invading the market, something that was a top secret reserved to the Rich and Famous now at your fingertips.

How Are They Different than Cluster Lashes?

Eyelash Extensions are individually applied to each lash giving it a very natural look, while Cluster Lashes are a group of 3 or 4 strands attached to a bulb in a fan like shape. They look artificial and are too heavy for a single natural lash, therefore while it takes shorter time to apply, they don’t last as long. Although cost is often cheaper and done in salons that are not dedicated to Eyelash Extensions solely, ( Nail Salons, Hair dressing salons) .

How Long Should I Expect Them To Last? And How long After Should I Get An Infill?

Between 4 to 6 weeks. It depends on your natural eye lash growth cycle, the type of Lashes chosen, and how well you have followed the “After Care” instructions given by your Eyelash Professional. If you want to keep your lashes looking luscious, it is recommended that an “Infill” be done in average of 3 to 4 weeks after the initial application. But because every individual has a different eye lash growth cycle, it is up to the client to get regular Infills. Some clients choose to have them professionally removed and start with a fresh new set.

How Long does The Application Take?

Anytime from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the desired set chosen by the client from our Divine-Lashes Menu. In essence it is a detailed Treatment that requires concentration and skill, therefore cannot be rushed.

Will The Application Hurt?

Not at all! You will be lying back comfortably in a treatment bed, with your eyes closed during the whole procedure. Many clients do fall asleep during the treatment. It is a very calming and relaxing experience. You should not feel any pain.

Will My Natural Lashes Get Damaged?

No, if you are having it done by an experienced Licensed Eyelash Professional, they should not be damaged at all. Properly applied Lash Extensions do not get in touch with the root of the Natural Lash allowing it to stay healthy and keep growing.

How Are The Lashes Going To Feel After The Application?

They should feel and look natural. No pain or discomfort should be felt on the eyelids or around the eye area. Even though we are experienced professionals, Divine-Lashes is committed to Customer Satisfaction, therefore we offer a money free Professional Removal within the 4 days of receiving the initial treatment. And thus the Natural Lashes should remain intact as they were before the treatment.

There has been some reports of Eye Lash Extensions damaging the Natural Lashes. They relate to reports by clients with bad experiences due to poorly trained or unlicensed operators. You should not be able to see any clumps or adhesive lumps in your lashes, this is not acceptable. We have assisted numerous clients looking to have their extensions removed professionally by us coming from elsewhere.

How Many Lashes Are Applied In A Full Set?

We will apply as many lashes to achieve the Style Chosen by you. In average, from 30 to 100 per Eye (As long as the client’s Natural amount of lashes permits).

Can I Have Eye Lash Extensions If My Lashes Are Short, Sparse And Straight?

Yes, but since we depend on the state of your natural lash. There are some limitations depending on the quantity and length. We will have to have a professional consultation prior to the treatment, so that we can anticipate a realistic end result.

Had My Lashes Done By Another Salon, And It is Uncomfortable, Can You Remove Them?

Yes, we can. Please refer to our Services page.

My Lashes Seem Shorter After Having The Extensions Remove. Is This True?

No, is only the perception after getting used to the look of longer Lashes. Just wait for a few days and they will look the same as they were originally.

Can I Have My Lashes Permed?

No, it is not advisable, as the Extensions would be harder to attach to a very curl end.

My Lashes Seem Shorter After Having The Extensions Remove. Is This True?

No, is only the perception after getting used to the look of longer lashes. Just wait for a few days and they will look the same as they were originally.

Why am I Having Loss Of Lashes.

It is a normal body process. Additionally, we loose hair in every other part of our body.

What Is The Difference Between The Different Brands Offered In The Market?

There is little difference in the different high-end brands of Eyelash Extensions on the Market. The most important factor is the skill of your Technician. We have over 5 years of experience in the field of dedicated to the Eyelash Extension Art. The use of high quality products and rigorous healthy standards, and a US licensed Esthetician background separates us from the rest.

Why Do Your Lashes Only Last For 4 to 6 Weeks? Some Places Advertise 3 Months Holding Power.

To achieve a longer bonding result, this operators use a very strong glue. The stronger the glue, the longer the bond.

The counter indication of these adhesives, is a danger of strong allergic reactions. They have very strong fumes, irritating the eyes making them itchy and teary making them swell. We only work with safe products that have been proven in the market.

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