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Eyelash Extension Sets

Our premium synthetic extensions are also made from synthetic fibers and are more finely cut to mimic the natural feature of real hair. We never use real human or animal hair as this has been proven to cause allergic reactions in some cases.

We only use Semi-permanent top quality eyelash extensions that are made from synthetic hair with maximum sanitation control, with a natural aesthetic. We offer three different types of sets:

Classic Set

(Approximately 1hr to 1hr 40mins)
This popular service is loved by our clients who want to upgrade their look in a stunning and subtle way. The Classic Set is simple and beautiful. Using a single lash application technique, our elegant and natural look will elongate the lashes to your preferred length and curl. By drawing attention to the eyes, our Classic Set is hailed as the most beautiful, yet natural looking style.

Volume Set

(Approximately 2 Hours)
Definitely a glamorous look, and our most popular set. The volume lashes are applied using 3-6 lashes per natural lash to create a beautiful and full ‘handmade fan’. Lovely for those who prefer a fuller (yet subtle) ‘wow’ factor. We do not use ‘pre-fanned’ lashes as we believe they can be too heavy and possibly damaging to your natural lashes.

Hybrid Set

(Approximately 1hr 30mins to 2hrs)
These are halfway between a Classic Set and a Volume Set. The term: ‘Kardashian Look’ is created with this stunning technique. As mixing pre-made fans with single (thicker) lashes, resulting in a Wispy with a little Drama look.

Added Variations:

Glitter Lashes: Party Mood Lashes! Excellent for Special Occasions.
Colored Lashes: Add a subtle hint of Green, Blue or Pink for fun!
Color Tipped Lashes: Your friends will keep asking for that beautiful Color Mascara you are using!

* Please come in for a FREE CONSULTATION to Customize your individual Lash Experience!


We recommend using our Infill service every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain your beautiful extensions. These take approximately 30 mins. N.B You must still have at least 50% of your initial set remaining.

We do not offer real animal Mink Eyelash due to ethical and health issues. We use the newest technology in Eyelash Extensions that have better and lasting curl and visual properties.

Professional Removals

Even though EyeLash Extensions are a completely safe and totally painless beauty treatment, that has been in the market for several years, it is important to choose your Eyelash Extensions Professional carefully.

Not happy with another Eyelash Extensions Technician’s Job? We can Remove your existing Eyelash Extensions to start your brand new Divine-Lashes Set!

There has recently been some negative press on regards of Eyelash Extensions. It is becoming a growing trend from unlicensed operators in the beauty industry, that are giving bad results and scaring potential customers away.

Bad Hygiene (resulting in temporary eye/eyelid damage), poor technique, strong irritating glues, bad quality products that are not FDA approved, etc., are some of the reasons that it is important to use a reputable provider.

Please come in for a Free Consultation to customize your individual Lash Experience!



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